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Automatic Lineal digital liquid filling machine

Laundry detergent doypack packing machine, good in packing sauce and liquid in  preformed bag.
model  HT8-200
Working Position    8  
working process 1 support the bag; 2 print production date; 3 open a bag ;4 filling liquid; 5 buffer; 6 buffer;  7 heat sealing; 8 heat sealing
Packaging materials composite film、PE、PP etc
Packing size W:100~200mm L:100~350mm、(can be customized according to customer requirements)
Packing speed 10~35 bags/min((speed is determined by the product itself and the filling weight))
Filling range 500G-1000G(can be customized according to customer requirements)
 total power 5KW
application SAUCE, PASTE, LIUID
MACHIEN SIZE 1680×1600×1483mm
Compressed air consumption 0.8M3/min((air supplied by the user themselves)
 Features and functions

1, the machine is suitable for various requirements of bag;
2, automatic metering filling sealing;
3, excellent sealing quality;
4, the fine stainless steel making;
5, computer PLC control, Chinese and English display screen;
6, automatic printing date of production (ribbon thermal printer);
7, ribbon finished with automatic alarm;
8, open bags fail not pack not heat sealing, avoid waste bag;
9, no bag automatic alarm bag warehouse;
10 when there is no material filling, bag heat sealing station does not work, avoid waste bag;
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