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Multi-function hardware bolt nail industrial screw counting packing machine

This machine for Nut Bolt Screw, hard fittings and all regular shape of goods packing
型号(Model DZB4-BJ240 DZB4-BJ280    DZB4-BJ320
包装速度Packing speed 30-220/ 30-220/ 30-220/
薄膜宽度 (Width of film) 240mm 280mm 320mm
卷膜直径 (Film roll diameter) 320mm 320mm 320mm
薄膜厚度 (Film thickness) 0.03-0.06mm 0.03-0.06mm 0.03-0.06mm
制袋长度Bag length 75-190mm150-350mm 85-210mm170-380mm 110-250mm200-420mm
制袋宽度Bag width 40-100mm 40-125mm 40-150mm
包装高度 (Max height) Max.35mm Max.45mm Max.55mm
输入电源 (Power supply) 220V50/60HZ单相 220V50/60HZ单相 220V50/60HZ单相
耗电功率Power Consumption 2.8kw 2.8kw 2.8kw
整机重量Weight 600kg 600kg 600kg
机器外形Dimensions 3900*840*1330mm 3900*840*1330mm 3900*840*1330mm

Characteristics :For  accessary mounting screws,nuts and small plastic parts for the electric appliance;the decorative lamps and the decorative hardware.It replaced the the shape forming manner of the pre-made bags.greatly increased the work efficiency,so as to be widely adopted by many screww application enterprises.The Parts with special shapes can also be customed according to the clients' requirements.This machine is controlled by microncomputer,and the packing process can be realized automatically.

application: This machine for nut bolt screw,hard fittings and all regular shape of goods packing
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