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Pre-made Bag Powder Packing Filling Machine

Suitable for packaging powders and small particles with easy flow or poor flow, such as milk powder, protein powder, cocoa powder, additives, powders, small granules, veterinary drugs, glucose, condiments, solid beverages, toner, talcum powder , pesticide
Pre-made Bag Food Powder Packing Machine


1. Fast packaging speed, stable performance and high yield;
2. The meter has a waterproof system that is easy to assemble and disassemble and easy to clean;
3, using a color touch electronic display, easy to operate;
4, the packaging machine uses prefabricated bags, the pattern is perfect, the sealing quality is high, and the product grade is greatly improved;
5, high-end equipment, atmosphere, technology, easy to manage and enhance corporate image;
6. Innovate to solve various product packaging problems under reasonable cost.
7. Automatic detection function. If the bag is not opened or the bag is incomplete, the material is not added, the heat is not sealed, the bag can be reused, and the material is not wasted to save the production cost for the user. ,
8. Safety device, when the working pressure is abnormal or the heating pipe is faulty, an alarm will be given;
9. Randomly equipped with plexiglass safety door to protect the operator;
10, part of the use of imported engineering plastic bearings, no need to refuel, reduce pollution of materials;

Technical parameters
Measurement methods screw
Package size W:100mm~200mm 长:100mm~300mm
Filling range 10-1500g
Packaging accuracy ±0.5%-1.5%
Speed 10-45 bags/min
Power                                      3.6KW   380V   50HZ
Compressed air consumption       0.6 m3 / min

Food Packing Machine process
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